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Our 3-Step Triple Threat Approach:

KEA Productions Produces:

STEP 1. Build Awareness and Community with SMS

Are you using text marketing to reach your audience? If you are not, you are missing a tremendous opportunity.  Here are a few facts:

  • * SMS text messages have a 97% open rate.
  • * 95% of SMS text messages are read in the first 10 minutes of receipt.
  • * It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.


Let us help you drive traffic from offline to your online efforts.

KEA Productions Produces:

STEP 2. Maximize with Mobile Website and Social Media

You can have all the traffic in the world but if your website is not optimized to display well on a mobile device, all that traffic will turn around and visit another website.
* Searching for local businesses is the #1 way people use smart phones- Google.
* 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. - Mobile Marketer
* Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer with a mobile site
Incorporate your existing social media efforts into a mobile version of your website to further engage and increase your followers, fans, and future clients and members.

View some Optimized Videos on Optimized Sites

Support Pet Friendliness and Animal Rescue by visiting Rescues aRe Super

Get into college with more success and less stress by visiting Keys to the CASTLE

Achieve Healthy Living with Ease by visiting Reasons for Being Healthy


KEA Productions Produces:

STEP 3. Increase Conversion with Superior Video


1. RANK WITH VSEO: With our superior knowledge of Video SEO your videos will rise to the top of all the search engines including Google and YouTube.

Are you wasting your budget on push marketing approaches like AdWords? Read more about why Video SEO is the best pull marketing strategy for those who want to overcome cynicism and yield a greater ROI than AdWords.

2. OPTIMIZED TO PLAY ON MOBILE DEVICES: Roll out the red carpet with your own mobile optimized "theater" that welcomes your audience where they are and when they want to check out your business with our mobile optimized landing pages and websites.

3. CONNECT AND CONVERT: We offer a variety of styles and approaches to help you achieve your goals and accommodate your budgets. Whether you want to (A) transform an old article into a hot new video, (B) see how we can make just about anything visually dynamic with animated and white board explainer videos, or (C) keep it real with documentary-style short videos, we have got you covered.